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Nika's Culinaria - Eat With Your Eyes: Ginger Carrot Soup

Nika's Culinaria - Eat With Your Eyes

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Ginger Carrot Soup

Ginger Carrot Soup done!

Bag of carrots (20 medium sized ones) small cubes
small bag of parsnips (10 smallish ones) small cubes
1/4 cup minced crystallized ginger
small onion, chopped into small pieces
2 tblspoons butter
2 teaspoons tumeric
8 ounce pck pre-sliced baby bella mushrooms
coconut creme (its pretty fluid at room temp)
2 quarts chicken broth

heavy cream
sour cream
basil sprigs
brie slices


Roast squash 40 mins while:
Sweat onion in butter (med low heat)
Add carrots, parsnips, and mushrooms and sweat more. No color, not too hot.
Scoop out squash and put into soup.
Add 1 qrt stock
Boil then simmer.
When drying, add next quart stock.
Simmer until all soft.
Use immersion blender to blend to creamy goodness.

Do not add heavy cream to main soup, can break over time. Add when serving.

Put into bowl, add heavy cream to taste, add dollop of sour cream, even some brie slices, sprig of basil. I roasted some squash seeds and garnished with that too.

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