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Nanopublishing - exquisitely responsive publishing

Just to post something NOT graphically dense - *smiles* - I am initiating a nanopublishing or thin media project that will hopfully feed the soul (mine and yours :).

In the coming months I hope to launch several nanopublications that will be "print on demand". Essentially, I will be assembling, formatting, and deploying small accessible how-to books on topics which I enjoy and which I shoot. This will start with Colombian recipes but will also include other food topics as the project evolves and as per interest by you, the reader. I am currently doing the due diligence on the right on-demand publication and order fulfillment house.

Profits from this project will go towards a much needed upgrade in my camera (as in a real DSLR camera with the right accoutrements) and, should it really get going, towards a 9 months photography certificate from the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University.

Most of all, its a chance to be creative with my photos and my cooking. What more can anyone ask for?

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