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Local food - Hens of Beauty

I have been captivated the past couple of days by this cute webcam - called The Hen Cam - run by Terry Golson.

(Image Source - The Hen Cam Site)

She has mounted two different webcams on her farm here in MA, one inside the chicken house and one focused on the chicken yard. She even blogs about the 11 chickens she has, describing their personalties, very cute.

For example, there is Buffy the Chicken:

(Image Source - The Hen Cam Site)

This beautiful Buff Orpington was part of a small backyard flock but she was at the bottom of the pecking order and had wounds to prove it. So Buffy came to live with our hens who chase her away from the finest tidbits, but otherwise leave her in peace. Sometimes she even manages to sneak a crumb away from the bossier girls!

She has recently published a cookbook for eggs that looks like a good one to check out. Its called The Farmstead Egg Cookbook and can be found at this link.

We have had layers in the past and, wow, do you get loads of eggs. Its a good thing to have lots of recipes to try when you are swimming in eggs.

Check out the Hen Cam, they are sweethearts. If you look closely, on occasion you will see Candy the Bad Bunny running through the pen, terrorizing the girls.

(Image Source - The Hen Cam Site)

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