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Alton Brown is the patron saint of the multifunction or repurposed tool. If a newfangled gadget is single-use, no matter how nifty it is, he pitches it.

I can totally get behind that. Why? Not because I am cheap (tho I am) or on a crusade to optimize all potential or even remotely theoretical efficiencies of a tool in my kitchen (I am defintely not, that sounds exhausting) but I just do not have the room for lots of gadgets!

I have this whole thought process that happens with a gadget (online or in the store)

1) Questioning: "What in the heck does THAT do?"
2) Discovery: "Oh jeez I NEED one of those things to make pina coladas without breaking the coconut shell!"
3) Evaluation: "$50 isnt THAT much for a tool that makes it easy to puree coconuts inside the shell!"
4) Realization:: "Oh, I just dont have the energy to clean the darn thing"
5) Acceptance: "I dont even LIKE coconuts"
Even if I had a state of the art high tech automated fuzzy logic gadget archiving system that hid away all the mess of many gadgets and made it all accessible at the touch of a button, I would STILL not likely use it all because of the "clean up" factor.

Food gadgets are meant to appeal to one's desire to be more effective at food prep . As I usually am not prepping 50 pounds of any food, a knife is usually enough. Lord knows I have too many knives too! But they are EASY to clean kids!

Knives, just what the chef ordered.

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