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Nika's Culinaria - Eat With Your Eyes: It's official! The Well Fed Network is open for business!

Nika's Culinaria - Eat With Your Eyes

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It's official! The Well Fed Network is open for business!

Woo hoo! (Much revelry across the land)

Just wanted to let you know that the Well Fed Network (I get to write a few things with them, they are awesome!) has launched and is ready for your perusal. Check it out!

The Well Fed Network

From the front page:

by Kate Hopkins

It's time to officially declare the Well Fed Network open for business!!

What is the Well Fed network? At its core, it's a blog network that's designed to cover all things food. Each blog will be a cross between an online magazine, trade journal and personal food diary covering topics such as food politics, where to find the best bagel in San Francisco, and what's the best drink to make with bourbon.

But Well Fed is more than that. It's a new business model, where we are trying to focus on quality of content rather than quantity. It's an experiment in that we are looking for ways to look beyond the internet and develop magazines and books based on the content created online. It's traditional in that we're looking to focus on the writers for the network, rather than the owners.

In short, Well Fed is something different. Our hope is that it will always be something different, and provide a new voice in the world of the Food Industry.

Yesterday, we officially unveiled five blogs.

* Growers & Grocers: A Blog about our food industry, and how we make a sell food.
* Paper Palate:A Blog that covers Food Magazines and the Food Sections of major newspapers around the world.
* The Spirit World: Where liquor is covered, in all of its permutations.
* Sugar Savvy:Chocolate and candy - How to make it, recipes revolving around it, and which brands you should buy.
* Well Fed's Main site The site that brings them together. Consider it the abridged version of the entire network.

Over the course of the next dozen months or so, we expect to bring you an additional forty plus blogs, each with it's unique identity and the ability to foster it's own community.

There are many talented people involved in bringing this together, including Megan Woo (I Heart Bacon), Tara Chen, Derrick Schneider (An Obsession with Food), Barbara Fisher (Tigers and Strawberries), Brenda Pederson (Culinary Fool), Cynthia Meyers (Food Migration) and many, many others. These people you will get to know on a regular basis. You'll get to know their likes and dislikes, their opinions and biases.

And between the writers, editors, publishers and readers, perhaps we'll be able to shake up the food world, even if only a little bit.

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