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Nika's Culinaria - Eat With Your Eyes: Yucas Fritas (Fried Yucas or Cassava Root) Recipe and How 2 photos

Nika's Culinaria - Eat With Your Eyes

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Yucas Fritas (Fried Yucas or Cassava Root) Recipe and How 2 photos

Colombian Fried Yucas: Step 4

I had posted a pic in December of fried yucas but had not yet gotten around to putting the how to pics up yet. If you enjoy these, stop by in a few weeks when I get my how-2 guides up and running for sale at a publish-on-demand site. I need to reshoot a few pics and then proof the book before I put it up for sale.

Yucas Fritas Recipe

2 packages of frozen yuca from the latino food store
1 packet of Goya "sazon"
2 chopped garlic cloves
2 green onions coarsely chopped
1 cube of chicken bullion
1 tsp cominos
salt to taste
1 quarts of water

Place the yucas, all other ingredients and water in a stew pot. Make sure
that the water covers the yucas. Bring to a boil, lower heat to a simmer
and cook until the yucas are tender, about 45 minutes. Drain yucas in a
colander. Let cool. Remove the center woody stems in the center of the
yucas. Split the yucas lengthwise and then in half. You should have
little finger sized pieces of yuca, so you may have to do some more
splitting on the bigger pieces. Fry them in hot oil until crisp and drain
on a paper towel. Serve immediately. These fried yucas will stay crispy for
about an hour or so.

How-2 pics

Colombian Fried Yucas: Step 1

Frozen yuca right from the package.

Colombian Fried Yucas: Step 2

Boil yucas in water, onions, garlic, and sazon azafran.

Colombian Fried Yucas: Step 3

Cut boiled yuca into bite-size pieces. Note the lovely golden color from boiling in the azafran. If your back account is bursting at the seams, splurge and use saffron in the water instead of the azafran. My account never bursts at the seams but it does bust (wink).

Colombian Fried Yucas: Step 4

Fry them up to golden brown, salt to taste, eat and then help the cook clean up! If your cook is like my grandma, you will not be allowed in the kitchen to help before or after and thus the yucas are flavored with that very special ingredient, guilt :-). Adding a bit more salt and some butter helps to hide that guilt flavor.

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