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Nika's Culinaria - Eat With Your Eyes: Local foods - Organic deck garden 2006

Nika's Culinaria - Eat With Your Eyes

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Local foods - Organic deck garden 2006

new-garden - Our deck garden

This is super local! Its our deck. We have planted with only organic materials this year. The soil bag said to not use it to start seeds but we did and they are sprouting fine. These are the same 96 cent planters I modified last year for upside down tomatoes but this year they will be used more conventionally. (see images at end for last years garden)

As these pots had big holes in the bottom I lined the bottoms with plastic grocery bags and poked a few holes in the plastic. I then added a layer of peat moss, a layer of soil, a layer of blood meal, and then a layer of soil.

Things planted or soon to be planted include:
Thumbelina carrots
A few pole beans
Various lettuces
Bell peppers

new-garden - Peppermint - best viewed large

new-garden - Oregano

new-garden - thumbelina carrots

new-garden tomato

new-garden tomato close

new-garden radishes

new-garden pole beans

new-garden eggplants

new-garden - Jalapenos

Its been cold and raining endlessly here in MA but so far things are ok (planters are able to drain well). With this system we cut way back on weeds and predatory insects and we can visit the plants without getting all mucky – that translates into better management.

Shots from last year


Cherry Tomato from our deck-garden

upsidedown maters


Three stages of Life

bumble bee


lettuce close


First crop - lettuce


Second crop same pots - all planted at the same time


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