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Nika's Culinaria - Eat With Your Eyes: Does my blog look good in this? #5 May edition (DMBLGiT)

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Does my blog look good in this? #5 May edition (DMBLGiT)

DMBLGIT is now officially closed to new submissions.

Thank you everyone for your beautiful submissions!

We are now scurrying around like little woodmice judging and scoring and collating.

Check back here in a few days for the results!

orange - view at original size!

Ok fellow food photographers/bloggers extraordinaires, start your engines!

I am hosting the May edition of "Does my blog look good in this?".

The way it works is as follows:

You will send me the URL of the blog entry that contains the photo you wish to submit. This blog post MUST have been posted to your blog in the month of April. My email address for this contest is FoodShots2006 at yahoo dot com. The DEADLINE for submissions will be May 24th.

Included in this email you should send the following information for consideration of your photo in this contest.

1- Your name
2- Your location
3- Name of your blog
4- Description of the food in the photo

Please remember that there are a few ground rules in this contest:

- As I mentioned before, this photo that you submit must have appeared on your blog in April.
- The subject of the photo must be related to the topic of food and or drinks.
- You can submit only one photo and that photo must be an original, by you, and not borrowed from anyone else.

The metrics which judges will use to evaluate the photos will be:

Originality - this can describe both the food itself or the quality of the photo (extraordinary food styling for example)

Eatability - a food that looks like it works tho, as with so much in the world of food, this is subjective! A twinkie to one person is an abomination to another. Fermented squid guts could be an old-home favorite to one person and worse than dumpster diving to another!

Aesthetics - artistic qualities of the food styling and photo composition

In the coming days I will be letting you know who my fellow judges are and also some of the fun categories (often which arise from interesting entries that demand their own categories!)

Some of the main categories will include:

- Overall or Grand winner
- Most Edible
- Most Original
- Most Artistic or Aesthetic

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