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Recipe Madness - Are you up to the legal challenge?

Steuber takes a stand for journalistic ethics outside the Atlanta Federal Courthouse Monday.

Felonious Recipe for Disaster - or at least - heartburn

No doubt you have noticed that every day we humble readers are assulted with felonious injury by scheming food writers who publish recipes without disclosing the source. I know that I personally have suffered considerable pain and suffering due to such criminality as I am sure you have too.

Case in point would be the nefarious tale of Nancy Steuber of the RedBook magazine. She has been brought into federal court for witholding the source of a maple-glazed ham that was published in the February issue of RedBook.

Federal Judge Antonio Pelicore asked that Steuber reveal the name of the "culinary miracle worker" responsible for the recipe, which was included in a Redbook feature titled "Easter With Zip."

The judge went on to say:

"It is the opinion of the court that this is the most devastatingly succulent ham to come across our docket in a very long time. ... The state has a vested interest in learning the identity of the person responsible for a dish of this mouth-watering magnitude."

Prosecutor Wendy Hardin said:

"I think the people have a right to know what inspired this cook to create a sweet glaze that doesn't overwhelm the savory taste of the ham," Hardin said. "Such deliciousness cannot remain hidden any longer. .. It's a crime."

In response, Ms. Steuber has said:

"It's a women's magazine journalist's job to report on recipes of this caliber fairly and accurately. ... But when it comes to who is behind those recipes, or how best to use the leftovers, I'm afraid I'll have to remain silent, no matter the personal cost."

This is not likely the last time we will hear of this case. My only question is whether she will have her friends bring in take-out while she is serving time in the culinary wasteland of the penitentary.

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