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So I am like your average food blogger with an obsession with photography. If/when I cook, I play with food styling and I cook with my camera in the kitchen. I always have it nearby. I used to have to worry about keeping sand or other dirt out of my camera when I went hiking, maybe clean the lens, etc. Now I have to clean the poor thing like I would my toddler, wiping food off it's chin.

Nowadays, I can not cook because of the persistent morning sickness (which should be called all-day sickness). Not only can I not stand being in the kitchen or looking in the fridge, I have a hard time even looking at food photography! Thats pathetic to me and I have been struggling with it.

Bea at La Tartine Gourmande has been so amazingly productive lately and the sun of spring and summer shines so bright in her photography that I am slowly coming around.

I suggest that anyone who loves food photography take a peek at her site and at her flickr stream. She is on a ROLL that is awesome to behold.

Me? My breakfasts are too insignificant to consider! Nevertheless, I have included a pic of my average breakfast above, my brutal sadistic prenatal vitamins and omega-3 oil pill (which I take twice a day). Be glad you are not near when I must take them. I do not tuck into a delightful enveloping universe of titilating aroma like one might with a truffle omlette. No, when I take these prenatals, I even scare the cats (with fluffed fur and everything) with the occasional very loud and threatening sounds of a failed attempt to get them down.

I am at 3 months 1 week. Time is a forward vector, inevitable, inexorable. This too shall pass.

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