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Nika's Culinaria - Eat With Your Eyes: Local Foods – My Very Own Lettuce

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Local Foods – My Very Own Lettuce

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In a previous post I shared some shots of my deck garden. I felt that I didn’t have enough space to plant much lettuce and was rather bummed. I stood outside for a bit the other day and realized that some of the junk in my yard would make for a lovely large lettuce bed.

I am going to share how I made the planter here and then how it progresses over time. Will be planting in succession so I get several crops of super fresh greens!

I planted several types of lettuce from High Mowing Organic Seeds:

Mesclun Mix

Mustard Greens

Buttercrunch Bibb (cant find a link for this on their site)

Here is how I constructed the planter.

I wanted to put the planter on a table because, being pregnant, bending over is hard and its only going to get harder!

I found an unused sand box cover that would be a good size to fit on a table we keep outside.

I drilled holes in the tray, was super easy with my drill.

lettuce plot 3

Here you can see the table has been put into a sunny spot (more sun than my deck) and I put some spacer wood sticks down to elevate the tray to enable draining.

lettuce plot 1

The drilled tray was put on top of the table over the spacers.

lettuce plot 2

Peat moss is put down and watered.

lettuce plot 4

Organic composted cow manure is layered down and watered.

lettuce plot 5

Organic garden soil is layered down over the manure layer.

Blood meal is layered over the organic garden soil and then mixed in well (I know it’s a rich mix).

lettuce plot 6

I mixed peat moss and organic garden soil together (approx. 1:1) and layered that over the top. This is the seeding/germinating layer.

Furrows were made in the seeding layer and seeds were put into the furrows. I also planted some corn to transplant into a spot in back of our house. Marigolds were planted around the edge (along with bibb lettuce) in an attempt to cut down on predators.

lettuce plot 7

lettuce plot 8

Seeds were covered over and then the whole thing was well watered.

lettuce plot 9

Cant wait and am crossing fingers for happy lettuce!

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