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Nika's Culinaria - Eat With Your Eyes: WellFed Network Article - Sparkling Cadaver Cider Cocktails

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WellFed Network Article - Sparkling Cadaver Cider Cocktails

This is my latest article on The Spirit World blog, part of The WellFed Network.

Sparkling Cadaver Cider Cocktails

cadaver cider cocktail - 1

(Drink with Witch Finger cookies © 2006 Nika)

What wiggles, jiggles, and tickles the nose?

Without exploring all THAT could describe (this IS a site rated for all audiences), here I am talking about a gruesome cadaveric drink, floating jello fingers with veins included, that is actually composed of a delightful sparkling apple cider. Something about the jello with Twizzlers makes the cider turn a toxic yellow that will surely delight any child.

By letting the kids participate in the making of the jello fingers (or hand or foot or eyeballs or whatever floats their boats) as well as the suggested witches finger cookies (see below), they get to expand on the Halloween fun beyond one night of romping in the dark.

Sparkling Cadaver Cider Cocktails


Sparkling apple cider (can substitute with apple cider and soda water or ginger ale)
Desired body part (we constructed jello fingers, do what makes you all gross out maximally)

cadaver cider cocktail - 2

(Sparkling Cadaver Cider Cocktail © 2006 Nika)

Witch Fingers


1 roll of prefab white sugar cookie dough from the dairy case
red fruit leather (for the nails)
extra all purpose flour


Work some extra flour into the cookie dough to stiffen it so that it doesn't flatten much during cooking.

Form into small finger sized logs and then shape them with knuckles and such. You can add food coloring to make them look even more disgusting if you feel the need.

Cut out nail shaped bits of fruit leather and apply to the fingers, where appropriate.

Bake as per directions on the dough package, until cookies are done.

Serve with the cadaver drinks above.

witch fingers

(Witch Finger cookies © 2006 Nika)

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