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Does My Blog Look Good In This 2006 #1

New brie triangles - new photoshop version

Oh my gosh, I am so amazed that one of my December photos (above and from this post) won THIRD PLACE in the "Does My Blog Look Good In This 2006 #1" blog event. Andrew and company ran this months contest over at Spittoon Extra. I thank him and all of the judges for their kind words and considered criticism.

I completely agree with their decisions regarding 1st and 2nd!

In first place was Mahanandi with a dreamy shot of an indian food called Murukulu. It sort of looks like super skinny churros, would love to try them one day!

In second place was Fred Kitchen with a soothing and attractive shot of something called "Compote de Noël".

The DMBLGIT 2006 #1 team also chose several category winners, as follows:

Winner in Edibility - Culinary Fool

Joint Winners in Aesthetics (3)
Beyond Salmon
Belly Timber
Lucillian Delights

Winner in Originality - The Laughing Gastronome

Thanks again to the judges for their work on this!

Make sure to enter your best January photo at the DMBLGIT 2006 #2 site! LoveSicily is up on deck for the next contest!

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