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Nika's Culinaria - Eat With Your Eyes: Amazing Gadget: Chef'n Vegetable Peeler

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Amazing Gadget: Chef'n Vegetable Peeler

Goodness, I have got to take a moment to rave about this new gadget I bought the other day called a Chef'n Vegetable peeler. It's a vegetable peeler that is different from anything else I have seen before.

chef'n vegetable peeler (NOT MINE)

You slip this onto your finger with the blade facing away from your palm. You then sort of run your hand over the vegetable (I was peeling the lower parts of asparagus) and it's sharp blade peels efficiently. It feels effortless.

I ALWAYS cut myself with the blade of a regular peeler. I slip or it twirls around at the wrong moment. I get fatigue in my hands from holding regular peelers too (especially when peeling potatoes, yuck). (Ok, I am a bit of a peeling wuss but at least I eventually get the job done!)

This peeler is like a dream. It feels like an extension of my hand and with just a small amount of practice I was peeling delicate asparagus like a demon.

It also leaves your hand open for use because you are not holding something as its attached to your finger. So if you need to catch a slippery vegetable before it flies away from you (that's me and potatoes) you can.

It comes in this avocado color as well as stainless steel with black, stainless steel with white, sunflower, and tangerine.

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