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Nika's Culinaria - Eat With Your Eyes: Local Foods: Organic Deck Garden update (7-23-06) - before and afters

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Local Foods: Organic Deck Garden update (7-23-06) - before and afters

Here is the latest update on our organic deck garden here in central Massachusetts. You may remember that this all got a very late start but we do what we can!

For those of you not familiar with earlier posts about this garden, here is a list of them:

Local foods - Organic deck garden 2006

Hail-recovery and happy sunshine

Why do I not just plant in the ground? I have Rambo rodentia and rabbits who would eat everything up in a flash if I gardened in the ground (I have been there once before, I don't need that aggravation).

Deck garden at the beginning (6-8-06):

new-garden - Our deck garden

Deck garden today (7-23-06):

Deck Garden 7-22-06

Successional Lettuce planting then:

lettuce plot 7

Successional Lettuce planting now:

successional lettuce - 1

successional lettuce - 2

buttercrunch bibb - close

buttercrunch leaf - drops

Corn transplanted from the lettuce bed to the side of the house:

mounds with transplanted corn, close up

Corn, beans, cucumbers, squash, etc today:

corn 7-23-06

corn 7-23-06 2

Tomato then:


Tomatoes now:

tomato 7-23-06

Big Tomato 7-23-06

cherry tomatoes

Radishes then:

new-garden radishes

Radishes now (ready to pick):

Radishes, ready 7-22-06

Carrots in the beginning:

new-garden - thumbelina carrots

Carrots now:

carrots 7-23-06

Eggplant then:

new-garden eggplants

Eggplants now:

eggplant 7-23-06

Bell Pepper then:


Bell Pepper now:

bell pepper - nice shape

bell pepper and bloom - mini

Pole beans then:

new-garden pole beans

Pole beans now:

Pole Beans 7-22-06

Jalapenos then:

new-garden - Jalapenos

Jalapenos now:

jalapenos at last

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