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Blossom End Rot, I know thy name.

My cherry tomato plant has been slowly yielding and it has lots of green fruits teeing up for their shot at the big time.


My larger plum tomato (at least thats what I think it is, I forgot!) also has many fruits ready to ripen.


I noticed a few on this larger plant that had begun to ripen but then when I looked closer, they were evil looking.

Case in point is this shot that shows how they are rotting from the blossom end!


Brenda from Culinary Fool was able to identify what this is immediately and even provided a link on Blossom End Rot.

You might think I am beside myself in anger or despair but I am not really. There is a chance to fix this problem.

Thus I am actually thankful for this small lesson in horticultural illness, something a plump red juicy unblemished store tomato would never have taught me.

Food can feed your brain as well as your tummy.

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