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Nika's Culinaria - Eat With Your Eyes: Twisted Thumbs: Guava Coconut Twisted Thumbprint Cookies

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Twisted Thumbs: Guava Coconut Twisted Thumbprint Cookies

Twisted thumbprint cookies - PS - sharper - after

I set out to make some cute little thumbprint cookies and take a few pics. What happened was, well what happens when you dont follow recipes.

As I was making the dough, I remembered that I had some guava paste in the refrigerator. I had also found some sweetened coconut earlier when I was rummaging around in my dark pantry (need to put a light in there one of these days).

Both of these ingredients cry out for special treatment and signify warmer locales than the one I live in. They just seemed to go together.

And they sure did go together, quite nicely. The coconut toasts up nicely. Use only the sweetened kind because unsweetened will dry out into really unpalatable spikes of dessicated coconut. The guava, mixed with some orange juice, reduces into a thick sweet spot of delicious tropical flavor.


I have put the recipe for these cookies on a printable PDF which you can find by going to this page that lists some of my recipes on

Let me know if they do anything for your sweet-tooth!

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